Terms and conditions

EXTRA FEE will be charged if parking space is not provided by client. Please notify us of parking availability prior to the teams’ arrival.

Small parts and fittings which are not included with the product but are required to complete a secure and safe assembly, installation, or wall-mounting are charged separately. This applies to any hardware used out of our own pockets; art installation hardware, wall-rails, TV wall mounts & equipment, wall plugs, screws, fittings, etc. The client will be informed of any part charges prior to being charged.

“LeonExpress” require 24 hours notice for any changes or cancellations in appointments. PLEASE notify us immediately if such changes need to be made  to avoid being charged CANCELLATION FEE of  $45+tax.


Site preparation
• LeonExpress require that the homeowner or an adult representative at least 18 years of age be home when the installer arrives to show him the proper location for the installation and that they are available upon the completion of the installation to do a walk-through inspection with our installer to ensure satisfaction.
• The homeowner must provide access to installation site or additional charges will apply.
• LeonExpress is NOT responsible for any permits, zoning variances and/or homeowners’ approvals that may be required in advance of installation
• Children and pets will be kept away from the work area during the entire installation process.
• Flat, level surface (if applicable) is to be prepared by homeowner prior to installer arrival.
• All site preparation must be completed prior to the installation date additional charges will apply.