Furniture assembly is our specialty. When you purchase a flat pack furniture it is so frustrating to assemble it. However we are here to help you so you don't have to waste your time and energy trying to figure it out. Our Professional assemblers do it fast and in the proper way.

tv installation

We provide TV Wall mount Installation Services. Our installers can wall mount your TV to all kind of walls. We can help you to hide a wires and setup your new TV. All members of our team are professionals and ensure. We serve both residential and commercial.


LeonExpress Moving is your moving company of choice for your next relocation. With everything you have to think about during your upcoming relocation, you shouldn't have to worry about the actual move itself.

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We provide moving service furniture assembly and TV wall mount installation and brackets of any complexity and brand. LeonExpress caters to residential, commercial and retail clients. If you have purchased furniture and in need of a high-quality assembly service or if you need to install a TV wall mount, please contact us.

We are professional, reliable and affordable.


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Our experienced professionals are knowledgeable and skilled to do that all. LeonExpress assemble all kind of brands and from different stores such as IKEA, Staples, Walmart, Leon's, Costco, Best Buy and more. Our prices are affordable for any budget.   read more...



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